A home for the children of the 7" 45 revolution!

CULT45 has flipped over to SEVEN45rpm!

JoanCrawford-andDorothySebastianTo all the supporters, followers and fans, just letting you know that Cult45 has now made a flip over to the new and improved Seven45rpm.com!

So if you wish to continue to follow this fantastic journey through time and lost music on that lovely 7″ vinyl format, and I do hope you do, please re-Follow and Like! This way you will keep continuing to receive the occasional update with sound clips, images and hopefully a whole lot of information that I spend way too much time sourcing, while most people are peacefully sleeping!

It’s so gratifying to know that other music lovers out there share this obsession of mine, and the interest and comments that I have received from you all, really gives me some kind of hope for the survival of this great music, and also the music of the future! Hope to see you over there, on our new shiny dance floor!!!


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