A home for the children of the 7" 45 revolution!


All images and music recordings are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

This blog is non-profit and non-commercial documentation, and only serves to convey an interest in the music that is close to my heart. I do not sell or trade any tracks, albums or bootlegs and ask all visitors who are interested in these recordings, to show respect and seek out legitimate official recordings, thus to support the artists and the music industry.

If a musician, label, or rights representatives are of the opinion that a track must be removed from the blog, please contact me and I will do so without delay.

I present these recordings with great respect for the artists and their work, and this blog is only here to generate interest and education towards this incredible music, with the intent of recognizing the work of often overlooked or forgotten musicians.

Piero Sgro

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