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I know I’m not the only one out there that has this peculiar obsession with the little black shiny 7″ record. The reason for this compulsion really isn’t that easy to explain. There’s something about the look, the feel, and that distinctive sound. There’s also of course the thrill in the search, however long the wait, and whatever it takes. But it’s even more than that for me.

These admirable musicians that are pleasantly suspended on these wonderful old records, are so inspiring to me and I couldn’t imagine a day without listening to a record on the turntable. I feel very privileged and fortunate to have some of the records that I have accumulated in my collection, and I feel it is my duty to respect and learn as much as I can about these honorable artists.

And that’s the real reason behind this blog.

Forever researching these artists that I hold up in such high regard, I was actually finding it difficult to retrain all the information and facts I was discovering, so what better place to store it all, than on an online journal of sorts. I would never for a moment pretend to be an expert on any genre of music, so not only am I trying to share some of my discoveries, but I’m also hoping this opens doors for others who are far more knowledgeable than myself, who may be able to shed some light, further facts and even stories.

My collection is quite broad, mainly circa 1950-80, but all with that common thread, which is “soul”, and I’m not just talking about the genre. I have a big passion for searching for obscure soundtracks and Brazilian singles, but will also be posting R&B, doo wop, popcorn, soul, funk, latin, exotica, ska, mod jazz, rockabilly country and some nice dirty garage beats, from all around the world, and even some local Aussie stuff. May even post some current tunes that are really worth knowing about!

So all you music fanatics out there, please hit me up with any knowledge or info on anything relevant, whether it’s about band members, labels and alternate editions of the time, release dates and recording locations, and even company sleeves, which I’m specifically nerdy about.

Hope there’s something here that will get your groove on, and would love to hear from you! See you on the dance floor!


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    There’ much more to learn about Tommy Scott and the Senators, contradicting much of what you’ve learned regarding Joe Meek, Decca and the lies through which Tom and Gordon Mills have permeated the media. I have a book being published in 2017 which reveals the truth, not Tom’s self praising lies.


    December 14, 2016 at 7:08 pm


    Good afternoon!! I was fortunate to come across your website via Tumblr. I was wondering if you could direct me in researching a doo wop group from the early 50’s called the “Blue Chips” One recording was “New Year’s In” and “Double Dutch Twist”. I’m looking for posters or photos and even 45’s of their work.


    May 8, 2021 at 3:00 pm

    • Hi Bill!!! So sorry for taking so long to reply. Couldn’t find much at all. Looks like they only had one release, looking here at their catalogue history 45cat. There’s a few copies for sale here on discogs and one on ebay, BUT no posters or artwork anywhere to be found. There were few great doo wop sites I used to follow but sadly they have since disappeared! Thanks so much for the interest in my blog. Hope you are staying safe! Piero


      July 28, 2021 at 9:15 am

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